Field Engineer

PT. Solutec Daya Mandiri field engineers can help you develop effective responses to your most pressing fluid system-related challenges. They go work with you through your local SDM-FITOK sales and can help you
We have a field engineers across Indonesia area who work together as a team. Your team might include:
1. Your local SDM field engineer
2. Field engineers from other parts of the globe with specialized expertise in specific areaa
SDM field engineering team not only has the deep industry experience to detect problems, optimize fluid and sampling systems, and advise on maintenance strategy, but also has the global reach necessary to bring that expertise to you—when and where it’s convenient. PT. Solutec Daya Mandiri field engineering team:
• Purge panels SDM
• Completes a rigorous training and development program to ensure that field engineers always bring innovative engineering solutions
• Has designed and optimized systems for diverse customers, giving them a basis for proactively offering proven solutions to fluid system challenges
• Has a track record of increasing operator safety, decreasing operating costs, and increasing profitability
Types of Systems Addressed by SDM-FITOK Global Field Engineering Network :
• Analyzer sample conditioning systems
• Grab sampling systems
• Gas distribution systems
• Steam systems
• Steam lances for equipment degreasing
• Instrumentation pig tails for gas pipelines
• Point-of-use manifolding
• Manifolding for multiple gas cylinders
• Regulator changeover manifolds