Ball Valve
Ball Valve
Actuator Ball Valve
Three Peaces Ball Valve
Ball Valve
~Trunnion Type, BF & BFH Series ~3-piece, 1000 psig, BG Series ~3-piece, 3000 psig, BH Series ~1-piece Instrument, 3000 psig, BO Series ~Bar Stock, 10000 psig, BP Series ~Hex Bar Stock, 1000 psig, BR Series ~Hex Bar Stock, 2000 psig, BRC Series ~High Performance, 6000 psig, BV Series ~Alternative Fuel Service, 6000 psig, BU Series ~High Temperature Metal-seated, 450℃, BK Series ~Fire Service, 3-piece, BI Series
needle valve flow control

Needle Valve

Bar Stock, ~6000 psig, NB Series Nonrotating-stem, ~5000 psig, ND & NDH Series Forged, ~10000 psig, NF and NFH Series General Purpose, ~5000 psig, NG & NGH Series Rising Plug, ~6000 psig, NR & NRG Series Toggle, ~300 psig, NT Series Union Bonnet, ~10000 psig, NU & NUH Series OS&Y, ~6000 psig, NY Series
Check Valve

Chek Valve

Poppet Type, ~3000 psig, CV Series Poppet Type, ~6000 psig, CH Series One Piece Body, CO Series Adjustable, CA Series One Piece Body Adjustable, COA Series All-stainless steel Union Bonnet, CL Series High-purity All-welded, CW Series
Relief Valve

Relief Valve

50~6000 psig, RV Series 10~225 psig, RL Series 50~1500 psig, RM Series Relief Valves 20000 psig or above Medium & High Pressure Relief Vales, ~60000 psig
Plug Valve
Plug Valve
~3000 psig, PV Series Handle as indicator of flow direction Options for handle color Positive handle shutoff Bottom end connections as the only inlet port for 3-way valves
Metering Valves

Metering Valve

Low-Flow, Cv 0.004, MS Series Medium-Flow, Cv 0.03, MV Series High-Flow Shutoff, Cv 0.15, ML Series High-Pressure Shutoff, ~5000 psig, MH Series Bellows-sealed, MU Series

Excess Flow Valves

~6000 psig, EV Series ~15000 psig, 15EF Series ~20000 psig, 20EF Series ~60000 psig, 60EF Series

Automatic Control Ball Valves

Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valves Electric Actuated Ball Valves SBF, BFH BH BO BP BV Available with pneumatic and electric actuation options uitable for BF, BFH, BH, BO, BP, BV Series

TPED-compliant Cylinder Valves

TPED-compliant Cylinder ValvesFITOK cylinder valves have been designed, comply with the Transportable Pressure Equipment 2010/35/EU (TPED), and acquired EC Type Approval Certificate, Nonrotating-stem, ~2500 psig, ND Series Union Bonnet, ~5000 psig, NU Series
Bleed Valves
Bleed Valves
~10000 psig, Bleed valves can be used on instrument devices such as or gauge valves to vent signal line pressure to atmosphere before removal of an instrument or to assist in calibration.multi-valve manifolds
High Pressure Needle Valve

Medium & High Pressure Valve

◎ Medium and High Pressure Ball Valve ◎Medium and High Pressure Needle Valve ◎Medium and High Pressure Relief Valves ◎Medium and High Pressure Metering Valves
Purge Valves
Purge Valves
~4000 psig, RP Series, Purge valves are manual bleed, vent or drain valves. The knurled cap is permanently assembled to the valve body for safety. Tightening with a wrench ensures closure to the rated pressure with subsequent installations.

Diaprgam valve

Low Pressure Manual, DQ Series Low Pressure Pneumatic, DP Series High Pressure Springless, DH Series High Pressure Spring, DM Series High Pressure Compact, DS Series Low Pressure Medium Flow, DR Series Low Pressure High Flow, DV Series Low Pressure Ultra High Flow, DL Series High Pressure High Flow, DF Series Atomic Layer Deposition, ALD Series
Bellows Sealed Valve

Bellows-sealed Valves

General Service, SW Series Secondary Packed, SU Series Ultra High Purity, ~500 psig, SM Series Ultra High Purity, ~3500 psig, SVH Series, Special Cleaning and Packaging Process (FC-02) Ultra-High Purity Process Specification (FC-03)