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Hoses and Connectors

Multipurpose Push-on Hoses MP Series

◎Core tube: highly oil-resistant rubber ◎Hose colors: blue, black, green, gray, red and yellow ◎Working pressure up to: 300 psig (20.7 bar) ◎Nominal hose size: 1/4 to 3/4 ◎Working temperature : -40 F to 200 F (-40 °C to 93 °C)
Hoses and Connectors

Hoses and Connectors : Sleeves HC Series

◎ Hoses and Connectors used to connect soft plastic or rubber tubing, ◎Working pressures and working temperatures are wider than those of the connected hoses. ◎Shank design holds tubing inside diameter securely
Hoses and Connectors

Thermoplastic Hoses TH Series

◎Polyurethane cover: resists oil, weather and abrasion. ◎Reinforcement: double-braid high-strength synthetic fiber. ◎Core tube: nylon. ◎Working pressure up to: 5000 psig (345 bar). ◎Nominal hose size: 3/16 to 1. ◎Working temperature:-40 °F to 200 °F (-40 °C to 93 °C)
Hoses and Connectors
Metal Flexible Hoses MH, MM Series
◎Core tube and fitting material: 316 stainless steel. ◎Overbraid material: 304 stainless steel. ◎Vacuum and positive pressure applications. ◎Working pressure up to: 3100 psig (213 bar).◎Working temperature: -325 °F to 800 °F (-200 °C to 426 °C).
Hoses and Connectors
PTFE-lined, Stainless Steel Braided Hoses PS Series
◎Lightweight construction for easy handling and installation. ◎Core tube material: smooth virgin PTFE. ◎Overbraid material: 304 stainless steel. ◎Working pressure up to: 3000 psig (207 bar) Nominal hose size: 1/4" to 1". ◎Working temperature: -65°F to 400°F (-53°C to 204°C)
Medium and High Pressure Hoses
Medium and High Pressure Hoses HPH Series
◎Core tube materials: Polyoxymethylene or nylon ◎Cover materials: Nylon or polyurethane, different color for different working pressure ◎Reinforcement: Multi-layers of steel wire ◎Working pressure up to: 43500 psig (3000 bar) ◎Nominal hose sizes: DN4 ~ DN10

Every FITOK Hose assembly is factory tested with pure water at 1.5 times the maximum working pressure.

Cleaning and Packaging
FITOK PTFE-lined hose, Thermoplastic Hoses, multipurpose push-on, Metal Flexible Hoses, Hose Connectors and Sleeves components are cleaned in accordance with FITOK Standard Cleaning and Packaging Process (FC-01) for general industrial procedures.

Shorter hoses are packed in cartons with suitable protective material, longer hoses are coiled, bagged and boxed or crated.