instrumentation tubing

Instrumentation tubing

Instrumentation tubing is reducing the occurrence of Leaks on Line Instruments resulting in loss of Pressure on Line Instruments which results in reduced pressure and functions for all instrument lines (Control Valves, Acuators on Dampers, etc.). Avoiding Leaks in the Steam line from the Mainline Steam Pipe which results in loss of Steam Pressure due to the rust process, improper installation and non-conformity of material specifications. Creating a good Safety Installation system .

Onsite installation

Permanent technical support
Our process commissioning engineers, in charge of administrative and technical monitoring of your project, assist our field service engineers before and during commissioning.
As the privileged contact with the client, they form the link between our field service engineers and our Engineering Department, right up until acceptance of the equipment during commissioning.
This team will assist the client with any requests for spare parts, maintenance, on-site interventions, technological updates, or any other requirements, with a commitment to attentive listening and personalised advice.

Safety first…
Our technicians teach the safety rules, in which they are fully trained, to the end user operators on-site both during installation and commissioning.
During any intervention, our technicians are in constant contact with their Cryostar counterparts, who are kept updated in real time.
Our technicians possess all wide ranging accreditations, such as:

  • Electrical
  • Oxygen
  • Dangerous gases
  • Testing equipment under pressure
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • (non-exhaustive list)

Prioritising continuous training
Our technicians benefit from continuous training on our product lines in order to fully meet our clients’ expectations.

Service Contracts: supporting you via predictive and/or preventative maintenance and remote monitoring
PT. SDM offers service and maintenance contracts on all of its machinery. These contracts ensure peace of mind for clients, including real advantages such as:

  • Programmed maintenance during planned outages
  • Reductions in intervention times, guarantee extensions, renovated equipment availability
  • Cost control, administrative management simplification

Having a maintenance contract enables the client to concentrate on their activity, whilst PT. SDM provides its expertise and know-how to optimise the lifetime of equipment and installations.

instrumentation tubing
Instrumentation tubing
instrumentation tubing
instrumentation tubing