Instrument Tube Fittings
Ultra High Purity
Pipe Fittings

Tube Fittings

Tube Fitting Double Ferrule, Sizes range from 1/16" to 2" and 2 mm to 50 mm. Female nut threads are silver-plated to minimize the friction with body thread

Pipe Fittings

Materials include stainless steel, alloy 400/R-405, alloy 600, brass, and carbon steel. End connections with NPT, ISO/BSP, SAE, and metric threads are available.

37° Flared Tube Fittings

Fittings are designed and manufactured in compliance with SAE J514. Sizes range from 1/8" to 2" and 3 mm to 50 mm. 316 stainless steel, aluminum, brass materials are available.

Weld Fitting

Maximum working temperature is 1000 F (538 o oC).Every fitting is stamped with size, material, and heat code. Maximum working temperature is 1000 F (538 Deg C).

Fusible Plug Fitting

Fusible plugs are pressure relief devices consisting of the body and the eutectic alloy. The eutectic alloy has a specific melting point.

Calibration Fittings and Hoses

Flexible hoses with small inside diameter and low internal volume. Variety of adapters to connect with wide range of calibration devices

Cylinder Connection

Cylinder Connections (Including Nipples, Nuts and Gaskets). Valve Outlet Caps (Including Chains, Rings and Gaskets). Complete Pigtail Connections. DIN 477-1 compliant
face seal fitting

Face Seal Fitting

FR Series Metal Gasket Face Seal Fittings, TFO Series L-ring Face Seal Fittings. FO Series O-ring Face Seal Fittings. O-ring seal provides perfect leak-tight service from vacuum.

Ultra High Purity Weld Fittings

Radius junction design with elbows to provide smooth flow path Precision machined diameter to match tube diameter. Square, burr-free tube weld ends to enhance alignment. Manual or automatic welding equipment both applicable.

Vacuum Adapter Fittings

Vacuum fitting design helium leak tested, The leak rate increases as temperature increases permeation through the O-ring. Vacuum Range:-12 Copper Seal: ≥10 Torr-8 Elastomeric Seal: ≥10 Torr Working temperature: -325°F to 842°F (-200°C to 450°C)

Grease Fittings and Bleed Fittings

Installed onto the seat and stem of valves. Leakage may occur when the sealed part wears off or for other reasons. By injecting the grease through the grease fitting, the leakage will be sealed temporarily to secure time for remedial measures.

PMH High Pressure Pipe Fittings

The hardened threads with smooth surface avoid galling and help to extend the fitting service life.Radius junction design with elbows provides smooth flow path. 316 stainless steel standard material. Other materials are available upon request.

AMH Series Adapter High Pressure Fittings

High tensile 316 stainless steel as standard material, other materials available upon request Every fitting marked with size, material and heat number. working pressure of AMH series adapter fittings is shown in Ordering PN

60 Series High Pressure Fittings

Working pressure: 60,000 psig (4137 bar), Working temperature range: -423°F to 1200°F (-252°C to 649°C). Use with T60 series tubing as standard tubing sizes available in 1/4", 3/8" and 9/16". High tensile 316 stainless steel material.

20M Series Medium Pressure Fittings

Working pressure: 20,000 psig (1379 bar). Working temperature range: -423°F to 1200°F (-252°C to 649°C), Use with T20M series tubing as standard tubing sizes available in 1/4", 3/8", 9/16", 3/4" and 1"

20D Series Tube Fittings

Working pressure up to 20,000 psig (1379 bar). Easy and quick connection to T15 and T20D series tubing, sizes available in 1/8 1/4 3/8 1/2 9/16 and 3/4". Nut threads coated with molybdenum disulfide-based lubricant to minimize the friction