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sample cylinders
Sample Cylinders and Accessories
SC Series ◎ Maximum working pressure is 5000 psig (345 bar). ◎ Heavy wall end connections provide strength and are flaring-resistent. Full-penetration gas tungsten arc-weld construction provides leak-tight sample containment. 304L and 316L and alloy 400 stainless steel materials resist intergranular corrosion.
Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauges

GA Series All Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges. GB Series Stainless Steel Safety Gauges : Accuracy ±1.6% Dial size: 2 1/2" (63 mm) of span (EN837-1 Class 1.6), Dial size: 4" (100). Accuracy ±1.0% of span (EN837-1 Class 1.0) . Purity GC Series Gas Pressure Gauges : Accuracy ±2.5% of span (EN837-1 Class 2.5, ASME B40.1 Class B).
Condensate Pots

Condensate Pots and Vessels

CP series condensate pots are designed to trap condensate and foreign matter that may accumulate in gaseous service lines, and prevent damage to the sensitive instrumentation components. SV series vessels are designed to trap condensate and foreign matter that may accumulate in gaseous service lines, and purify gas media.
syphon pipe
Vertical and Horizontal type of Syphons. Several types of siphons, which are distinguished by their shape, namely type O and U. Type O has two types, namely Coil Type and Pigtail type. Siphons are available in different materials including: black steel, galvanized, and stainless steel
Sulfinert Coated Ball Valve

SilcoTek-Sulfinert coated Products

◎ SilcoNert 2000 (Sulfinert ) coating to provide stable storage of sulfur and mercury compounds at ppb levels in petroleum samples for a long time. ◎ SilcoNert 2000 (Sulfinert ) coating not flaking off and more durable than Teflon coating.
Vacuum Generators
◎ Designed for use in gas delivery system to improve purging efficiency. ◎ All-welded design. ◎ Vacuum pressure Max.◎ Inner surface roughness of Ra 20 μin. (0.51 μm). ◎ 100% tested for Helium leakage. ◎ Variety of end connections

Tube Clamp

◎Bolted Plastic Clamp Supports with Support Bodys Cover Plates /Weld Plates. ◎FC1 Series : Metal Pipe Clamp with Rounded Ends. ◎FC2 Series : Metal Pipe Clamp with Rounded Ends and One-Side Elongated Shaft.◎FC3 Series : Heavy Saddle Double-Ended Design. ◎FC4 Series : Heavy Saddle Single-Ended Design. ◎Cushion Clamp Series

Changeover Systems for Gas Cylinder

FDR-1 Series Manual Changeover System (up to 500 psig). FDR-2 Series Manual Changeover System (up to 2500 psig). FDR-1L Series Automatic Changeover System without Line Pressure Regulator. FDR-1T Series Automatic Changeover System with Line Pressure Regulator

Pressure Control Panels for Gas Cylinder

◎FSR-1 Series Pressure :With a FCR-1 Series Regulator. Control Panels for Single Cylinder, Maximum inlet pressure up to 4500 psig. ◎FSR-2 Series High Pressure Control Panels for Single Cylinder : With a FCR-2 Series Regulator. Applicable to non-corrosive gases or low-viscosity liquids
Gas Control Regulator
Gas Control Regulator : Point-of-use Panels Regulator
◎ FPR-1S Series Sensitive Regulators for Low Pressure. With a FCR-1S Series Regulator of large diameter metal diaphragm to provide accurate pressure control. ◎ FPR-1 Series Compact Regulators for Low Pressure : With metal diaphragm regulators
Gas Stick
Gas Stick Assemblies
◎ AGL series general gas stick assemblies are used for precise pressure control and fluid shutoff in general gas systems and oxygen- environments. ◎ AGH series high purity gas stick assemblies are applicable for high purity gas systems in the semiconductor industry