Deburring Tools Instruction How to used


Deburring Tools is use for both the inside-ID and Outside-OD of tubes. It’s should be deburred after cutting, no matter which method (tube cutter or hacksaw) is use for cutting the tube.

  1. Inside Diameter (ID) deburring, while not as important to the function of the tube fitting and important from the standpoint of system cleanliness. Small burrs, chips and slivers of metal can plug small pilot holes or vents, can scratch valve seats or stem tips, and can damage soft seals such as O-rings. ID burrs can substantially reduce the tube ID and affect through-flow.
  2. Outside Diameter (OD) deburring is important for proper fitting function as well as for clean, leak-free systems.

Small OD burrs may prevent tubing from being fully insert through the nut, ferrules, and body bore (see Fig.). It is vital, of course that the tube always pass through the nut and ferrules and be bottom fully against the shoulder of the fitting body.
Even if OD burrs do not interfere with full insertion and they can lodge between sealing surfaces, or break off and interfere with the downstream system similar to an ID burr. OD burrs can also scratch the fine finish of the ferrule bore, making ferrule to tube sealing more difficult.


Outside deburring can be accomplished with a smooth file. Inside deburring can easily be accomplished using a deburring tool.

Tube deburring tool is used to deburr steel and stainless steel (or other softer tubing) from both inside and outside diameters. It works on tube ID sizes from 3/16 in. to 1 in.

tube deburring
tube deburring


  1. To deburr outside diameter of tube, place the deburring tool. Blades on the outside, over the end of the tube. Rock the tool back and forth, or rotate in a clockwise direction.
  2. To deburr inside diameter, reverse the tool and insert blades inside the tube. Again, rock the tool back and forth, or rotate in a clockwise direction.
  3. Wipe the tube end clean with a cloth.

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